Sticks and Stones….and Stereotypes

I remember a playground saying from my youth, “sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  Kids are really stupid, aren’t they?

Sticks and stones in small amounts, and at low velocity, really don’t hurt that much.  Take it from me, I often get pelted with a lot worst just walking down the street, taking out the rubbish, or even collecting David from nursery (“oh my God!  the ravenous zombie’s stolen a baby!” and then people hurl both sticks and stones at me, but I keep on walking because if I don’t get David home for dinner, he becomes the ravenous one).  In large quantities, however, yes, I admit that both sticks, and especially stones hurt.

But words, they hurt even more.  And not just words, images.  And put the two together, and call it media, and that’s like a stake to a fictional vampire’s heart.

So, you can imagine I’m feeling pretty hurt this week.

First, that US “drama” show, THE WALKING DEAD, is back for another season.  It’s a gore fest of zombie bashing and zombie hating.

Are we the last, acceptable minority to bash?  Could you imagine a show celebrating the killing  of people that stutter (like that King who gave the Speech?, he wouldn’t have stood a chance)?

And now, to add insult to hurt, even FedEx has jumped on the anti-zombie bandwagon with their latest commercial.

Words hurt.  And if it’s okay to preach hate towards the undead, then what chance does any minority stand?  Why do people need an outlet for hate?

If people are so consumed with the concept of a zombie apocalypse, perhaps they should be less concerned with flesh-eating zombie maniacs, and more worried about the kind of television we’d make once zombies take over.  When the living are the minority, they may find out that words hurt just as much as sticks, stones, and cannibalistic zombies.

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